Hey. It is Aynur Nuriev. I have spent many years as a business consultant and a lawyer working with professional athletes and sports organizations, tech companies on business strategy, legal issues, growth & marketing. As of now, I have been working on Sportlane – it is the easiest way for pro and amateur athletes to search and book a high-quality sports camp or another sports program.

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Building an Economic Moat: a study on Competitive Advantage, Unfair Advantage, Defensibility


TL;DR: There needs to be a division between the companies depending on whether they posses a competitive advantage (s), unfair advantage (s), or defensibility features. I dare to make three categories: a) Weak, defined by owning only “competitive advantages”. Their growth is capped. Highly susceptible to competition. As a result, they may go out of the market in the shortest period.  Though they...